An easy and flexible tool to extract and mash up data from different sources and analyze, to visualize them to gain actionable info

Accessing your data is easy

Molepaw allows you to access your data and visualize graphs and plot with a simple UI.

Digging into your data is quick

Create and edit your analyses on the fly, performing multiple operations.

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Perform multiple operations on custom datasets and keeps your data under control in a pratical ad easy-to-use UI

Fast Integration

Databases, json and CSV: connect MolePaw to your datasource and start to create analytics based on your data.

Simple UI

Create and manage data extrations with few and pratical interactions and visualize them in graphs. It's intuitive and easy.

Multiple Operations

Perform operations on your datasets and visualize interactions between your data. Need some boost? Advanced mode is ready.

Online Solution

Access your data everywhere in total security with your credentials: MolePaw will store all your extractions and operations.

Some of the features of Molepaw


Group set of data by one or multiple fields and apply aggregate functions like sum, count or average.


Sort by multiple fields your result set in ascending or descending order.


Combine rows from multiple datasets using common values and visualize interactions between your data.

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